Enter The Telephone Museum’s Electric Superhero Drawing Contest


Electric Superhero Contest

Inspiring kids to become Electrical Engineers is a daunting task and The Telephone Museum needs a superhero to help deliver its message. Enter our contest and create an “electric” superhero. Superheroes capture our collective imaginations by performing extraordinary feats and protect us from the uncertainties and evils which threaten to drag us down into chaos. When you handle electricity, especially higher voltages and currents, it is very dangerous. What kind of an electrical superhero could inspire kids to experiment with electricity and learn how to handle it safely? How would you make a difference if you woke up tomorrow suddenly endowed with supernatural abilities? Create a hero that has the power of electricity, and bring him or her into this world with the power of art.

Submitting Your Drawings

To enter drawings into the contest, submit them directly to contest@telephone-museum.org. Limit a maximum of two drawings per entrant. All entries must be submitted by Monday, August 24th at midnight Boston time.


The drawing that has accrued the most votes by midnight on Tuesday, August 25th (Boston time) will be the contest winner.


You can vote for your favorite images by visiting the “Contest” section of our website; telephone-museum.org/contest. Voting begins at the start of the contest and then extends an extra day until midnight on Tuesday, August 25th. This gives late submissions a full extra day to collect votes.


• All submissions must be original drawings created by contestants.
• Contestants CANNOT copy images from other’s clip-art files, other users, or the Internet.
Images that don't meet the requirements above will be removed and will not appear in the contest stream, to ensure fair voting opportunities for authentic drawings! Thank you.